Old Laptop SSD Upgrade: how to install Samsung 850 EVO SSD; unboxing, migration & review; SSD vs HDD


How to upgrade your old computer with SSD. Easy laptop upgrade installing SSD. Samsung EVO SSDs are fast, reliable and have good price – check them out on Amazon:
– 500GB
– 1TB
– 2TB
– 4TB

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0:17 SSD prices are dropping, you can buy even for an old computer
0:37 My first SSD from Samsung was for a MacBook 2009
0:48 A really slow PC laptop… 5 minutes before using anything
1:09 My second Samsung SSD: half the price!
1:20 Comes with software and instructions for migration
1:29 You need to have an USB case or SATA adapter cable
1:39 Installing and cloning the hard disk
2:00 Replacing the HDD for the SSD
2:19 The real speed test – what a difference!
2:37 SSD vs HDD: numbers don’t lie

Since 2009, I started using a Macbook as my main work computer. It came with a traditional hard-disk and I used it that way during 4 years. Then I changed its HDD for an SSD… what a difference! In 2013 those 500GB were expensive – but the productivity gain was brutal. It was my working tool, so it was worth the price.

Besides the Mac, we always had some PC around at home. We use it sporadically… so, we never considered buying an SSD for it – until now.

The SSD that appears in this video is an OLDER model, the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD:
– (Amazon USA)
– (Amazon UK)
– (Amazon Deutschland)
– (Amazon España)
– (Amazon France)
– (Amazon Italia)
SO I recommend you to check out the newer EVO 860 Lineup:

On both occasions I bough SSDs from Samsung after reading lots of reviews and some performance/endurance/energy-efficiency tests. There are other SSD brands who demand even more energy than an mechanical hdd, which on a laptop is a deal breaker to me. Right now Samsung offers a very good relation between price, capacity, performance, endurance and consumption (battery time).

Technology is always evolving, so if you find different brands/models worth mentioning, let us all know in the comments!

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  1. Check the newer Samsung 860 EVO SSD lineup on Amazon:
    – https://geni.us/yX2NQL0 500GB,
    – https://geni.us/zFnP 1TB,
    – https://geni.us/btwi 2TB and
    – https://geni.us/3Ttvxpf 4TB

  2. 1:15 Jeezzz…Thanks man! I've spemnt over 2 hours trying to have my PC to discover this SSD. Thanks to your video I know there's a CD/DVD (tightly glued!!!) below the box!
    MY BIG problem is, I don't have an OS (like windows 7 or 10) to transfer to the SDD. I just want to install a clean Windows 10 on this empty SSD. But the BIOS won't even see it! (only Windows XP will see it)

  3. HI Geek Detour, I have a 2010 HP pavilion laptop.
    It was working okay until a couple of weeks ago.
    It would not start. So I put in the " start up disk " It started, but a message came saying " hard disk not exist "
    Please help. Your tutorials are very simple and helpful. I need to know what to do to fix my hard disk problem.
    I have some important programs on that hard disk. I know it is an old computer, but I have to retrieve my programs.
    Is it possible that I have lost some programs?

  4. This was very helpful!! That was the exact problem I was having with my 2013 HP laptop that was state of the art and still ran well after the 6 minutes of bootup. I added an SSD and it performs like a spaceship now and the Sony Evo 500Gb was only $100 vs getting a whole new laptop.

    Thanks again as this helped me identify my issue (which was an issue) and saved me from getting a brand new machine.

  5. I recently replaced my mom's laptop hdd with WD Green 120GB, greatly reduced the boot time from 3 minutes (power on to login) to just 12 seconds

  6. The SSD is very fast… the same velocity I will change the disk!Can I replace a 500gb disk with a 1Tb SSD?

  7. Have you check NVME SSD speed on USB2 or Sata 2 port? Plz compare NVME on USb 3 and sata 3 port also!! Waiting for your reply!


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