Participial Phrase Review


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  1. Preparing for the weather, Meg Grabbed her raincoat and rain boots. Is the participle phrase Preparing for the weather because it ends with ING and Doesn't make sense whilst Meg Grabbed her raincoat and rain boots makes sense on its own therefore it's a main clause please anyone respond and answer

  2. This is an excellent video that I would like to share with my students; thanks so much for making this! The only issue I have is with participial phrases that begin with verbs like "become"–verbs that can be stative or dynamic but are most often stative. Technically, stative verbs should not be used in the present participle, and my students have difficulty determining when it's appropriate to use such a verb as a dynamic verb in its -ing form. For example, "I am knowing the answer" or "I'm lovin' it" (from the McDonald's jingle) are technically incorrect (with some exceptions). So, your participial phrase at 1:50, "Becoming careless" might throw off some ELLs . . .

  3. I Have watched a video from channel which has 1.2Million Suscribers<Cant Understand anything> but this help me alot thanku so much.

  4. It was after watching this video that I really understood what 'participial phrases' are and the way they operate.


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