George Dillman Seminar Pt2 Pressure Pain Points
Stretching nerves and points for added pain. Pressure point training in action. George Dillman explains the techniques and shows a classic knockout.

Filmed at a seminar open to all martial artists from any art.

Be skeptical or impressed, watch it and make up your own mind.

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  1. What the f am I watching? All those poor kids thinking they can defend themselves 🙁 that is just wrong, I would like to kick him in his Yan ear so stuff comes out of his yin ear

  2. Too all the people calling out this guy on his weight grow up if given the chance I'm sure old boi would lay you out really quick 😉 never judge a book by it's cover I was taught this at a young age …

  3. Il have to ask the person that jumps me to stop while I get my 2 other mates to come down, and point there fingers in his chin so I can poke my finger into his chin to ko him

  4. Please, if anyone is watching this and thinking it's good, its not…….please join a muay thai or boxing gym, u will learn so much more, this shit wont help you at all……unless ur opponent is a statue, none of this works on someone that is resisting

  5. Mystic Karate. I'm sitting here punching myself in the chin, pushing as hard as I can and nothing.
    This strikes me as unrealistic and rehearsed techniques to further his reputation. As far as I can remember, George used to be a legitimate Karate practitioner. And I believe he acted as an instructor and bodyguard to people like Elvis. I'm sorry to say that this just looks like a con game. With students going along with the exercise and demonstrating for the camera the desired effects of these techniques as if they are effective. Hard to really figure out what this is all about.

  6. If Rodney Dangerfield was an martial arts instructor. Whoa! I'm just just gonna push on your lips! Can I get a drink?

  7. I hope someone fights this guy soon. That’s all. Just fight him, as a willing participant, Because we all already know what’s gunna happen, just by watching this! Douche. Guys a gross psychotic false piece of wacko. Period.

  8. Lotta body shaming but I guess his demeanor comes off as arrogant to some. For my part, dude will probably die of a heart attack before dying in combat…terribly immobile and inflexible. Looks like he's in pain already.


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