Red Flags EVERYWHERE!! with MALCOLM BARRETT | Let's Play This Game


Black Lives Matter and you can help by listening, learning, donating and acting! You can start here:

In this video, we play Red Flags with Malcolm Barrett and Alana Fickes. It’s madness. Enjoy!

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  1. Next time you guys play this, add the house rule of coming up with names for the dates, it adds a whole new dynamic in the choosing. We have the rule that no names can be related to actual significant others

  2. Stee I saw Muse live TWICE almost exactly 10 years apart. You haven't lived until you've seen Matt Bellamy shred while looking up at him from the pit.

  3. I’ve been hoping you guys would play Red Flags, and you guys didn’t disappoint! Love when you guys have Malcom on, he’s so hilarious. Also Alana is Lovely and funny! Would love to see more Red Flags

  4. Steve has good taste in music.

    By the way, "The Egg" by They Might Be Giants is about a venue in my hometown. Saw them there 6 times!

  5. 36:52 – "And we'll be right back" – Elliot Morgan, 2020
    Except they have never been back since as of this writing.

  6. I liked the little cartoons of everyone who was judge in the bottom left of the video little details in videos like that i really enjoy.Also hilarious video.

  7. Wow, great game choice, fun play-through and GREAT conversation. The EDITOR really nailed this one too. Have you considered crediting the editors? The editor of this one is practically a main character.


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