Remind Yourself gameplay PC HD [1080p 60fps]


Remind Yourself gameplay PC 1080p 60fps · PC Gameplay · Remind Yourself Walkthrough · Let’s Play

Remind Yourself Full Game Download on Steam:
Video Game Developer: Marcos Dumont
Genre: Indie, Horror, Adventure
Game Release Date: October 2016

Remind yourself maintains a characteristic of suspense and horror where the video game story has a fundamental role and you must guess because it has multiple endings. It will prove your mind. It is needed that a player be quiet in extremes moments to maintain himself alive. Each step will be an experience to have into account. The darkness is chasing you. The time is ending and you have to follow the correct way. Are you ready for this?

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  1. I have a plan to complete this part and it's real simple when the ghost chases our main character then when 1 point we reach that door where a baby was crying we will have to figure out a way to avoid the ghost slowly and then back to the placed where the door nob was automatically locked in the first place that means we will have to escape from her by exiting the door. Don't worry i will upload a video of my progress and let you guys know what exactly i mean.

  2. Holy shit, this game blatantly ripped the audio of Light laughing in Death Note and just applied a filter over it.


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