Samsung 860 EVO SSD VS Kingston UV400 SSD Which one is faster and which one should you buy


Hey guys, just a quick video of me running crystaldiskmark and testing the boot speed of the Kinston UV400 and the Samsung 860 EVO SSDs to see which one is faster because both these SSD’s are priced very similar and the Samsung EVO 860 is about $11 more expensive than the Kingston SSD.

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Kingston UV400 240GB:
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  1. Excuse me Charlie Sr, are those red SATA cables are SATA II 3gb/s.? Your lectures are wrong. Those ssd Need SATA III 6gb/s cables

  2. Some SSD is also good and fast, only the durability is the question… 2 of my SSD fail.. SanDisk SSD Plus and Crucial BX500… even the Samsung brand will not last long, Its about the write limitation of SSD that matter

  3. Charlie curious how is the Kingston holding up now? I’ve got both now myself too, King for OS Larger Sam for Gaming drive(diff sales at local store), upgraded from HDD 15 year old Maxtor so I can’t really tell difference of any SSDs haha but wondering if kingston still your boot drive year later

  4. is it true that the newer ssd cards which are smaller are not as fast and as durable as this one..? recent release of dell and acer already use the smaller ssd..

  5. From what I’ve seen the Kingston’s have a bad habit of slowing down over the course of a couple years, whereas Samsung stays are original performance levels

  6. If u currently using hdd, then purchase kingston ssd. It will give very fast and high performance with low price.

  7. I have the 1tb 860 EVO and it's lighting fast. If you build your own systems, you should buy the biggest and fastest drive you can afford for your needs. But if you buy out of box systems you'd probably be batter off looking at how long your computer will last, not so much the ssd. Having at least 16gb ram helps a lot too, as Chrome eats up tons of ram.

  8. I want to buy ssd for msata port for my laptop. Can you suggested me which one will be best budget ssd with quality full.

  9. Well, I think Kingston is better for the price. Currently, my pc take 1 minute to boot up, so 7 or 9 seconds isn't really a huge amount of time

  10. WD Blue vs WD Green SSD Please

    and Sandisk SSD vs Seagate SSD Pls

    And Both of all Kingstone Vs ……
    Samsung vs…..

    Pls makes the compared🙏

  11. will the hardware specs affect the performance in the benchmarking?i have tested samsung evo 860 in my core 2 quad processor with the following results in the samsung magician software:SEQ READ 257 WRITE 244 IOPS READ 9K WRITE 19K.i think this is too low for a samsung ssd.what do you think?

  12. Both of them is signficantly better than hdd…this is the most important u will not regret getting one of those against HDD


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