Samsung 860 EVO vs Crucial BX500 in 10 Games or Budget Crucial BX500 faster Samsung 860 EVO


Samsung 860 EVO vs Crucial BX500 in 10 Games.
Or budget Crucial BX500 faster expensive Samsung 860 EVO 👇👇👇
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The performance test of 860 EVO and BX500 in games. That proves that you should not overpay for a cool brand. The difference in performance is minimal.
The BX500 is faster than 860 EVO or almost equal. The price of the BX500 is half the price from Samsung.

The Crucial BX500 is one of the best SATA SSDs on the market, fully performing its price.
The only negative is heating in a plastic case. But this is easily solved by a small radiator and thermal padding.

If somewhere wrong, I apologize in advance.

00:45 Assassins Creed Origins (2017)
03:42 Far Cry 5 (2018)
05:34 Battlefield 1 (2016)
10:08 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (2015)
13:24 Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015)
15:47 Watch Dogs 2 (2016)
19:52 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)
24:08 Battlefield 5 (2019)
28:54 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (2018)
31:24 Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
34:13 Results

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    Please do not take into account and skip the test in the game Battlefield 1 – it turned out to be not quite correct …

    The remaining tests were carried out under maximally similar conditions.


    Просьба не брать во внимание или пропустить тест в самой игре Battlefield 1 потому, как он не совсем корректен получился…

    Остальные же тесты проведены в максмально похожих условиях.

  2. Hey Neo channels, I know how to technology but missed what happen SSD cheap vs SSD expensive about Lag during in game is true??. My mind tech is complex about SSD useful save and load not gameplay?… Meanful….. it is SSD speed during in gameplay correct?. My PC hi-end fine than SSD worst lag in game. Pls tell me Correct?.
    What happen when u disable a SSD cause gameplay lag?

  3. The evo is superior the the bx500. I had the bx500 for running for two months but month by month it would get slow due to begin dram less even for archive it is slow just dont but this ssd

  4. Поставил такой ssd Crucial на imac не пойму почему скорость не больше 230

  5. успел взять перед новым годом смартбай ревивал 3 480гб за 3400р, а в феврале был крайне удивлен что он стал стоить 6500, сейчас 5200 но и это дорого

  6. I have a 13" Macbook Pro 2012 and I've been wanting to get an SSD for it but I don't know which one to buy. I mainly use my laptop for graphic designing, web browsing and watching movies. Would 240gb be enough or is 500gb/480gb going be a lot faster? Also what brand do you think I should get? Thank you

  7. Great video , but my congratulations is for still use the i7 2600k i have the same and still work great with all games i play , only upgrade gpu and memory and run all for now.

  8. ssd has only effect on loading the games/levels not in actual game performance (fps). the reason you see fps changing is because your gpu clock speeds change also(adaptive mode)… set it to performance mode and the clocks should stay same

  9. I think i know whats happening here. Because the bx500 doesnt have a dedicated dram cache, its offloading the data map to system ram. Your system ram being faster than the dram cache of 860 evo, it helps bx500 perform better.

  10. Подождите, я не сильно вникал в тему ссд и заказал себе BX500 на 960 ГБ, для хранения игр и для самого гейминга. Потом чуть раздуплился и понял что мог бы заказать вместо BX500 версию MX500 у которой какой-то там кэш есть. Так для чего нужен этот кэш? И стоит ли продавать BX500 , ради MX 500 . Самсунги на порядок дороже

  11. out of these 1Tb drives which would be the better option for gaming. if so is it worth the extra for the EVO?

    Samsung 860 QVO £89.99
    Crucial MX500 £99.36
    Samsung 860 EVO £113

  12. Hey I am looking for a 250 gb ssd for my pc, and I can have the evo 860, bx500 and mx500 for the same price more or less. I use the pc for gaming and web browsing basically. Which one would you choose? Thanks

  13. Nice video. Well, I am a normal user, my laptop has a SATA 2 connection and I choose BX500 480 GB. For me, there is no reason to spend more money and buy EVO. Crucial has a good performance.

  14. Bad comparison cpu side. 2600k is soo old now and board that use also old chipset. Please make same video newer systems like Ryzen 3000 or 8 or 9 gen Intel cpu's.

  15. Dont go for brand value. Only few people knows about someother ssd brands. When comes to more performance gigbyte ssd is best among all these. People usually go for brand names instead of deep research. Try gigabyte which is far better than Samsung, Kingston ,crucial, Wd at this price and tell me I am wrong.
    Refer this video for benchmarks

  16. Что-то не так. Разницы в фпс быть вообще не должно. У меня ssd 480Гб 960evo и жесткий диск 2.5" firecuda на 2Тб и разница ТОЛЬКО в скорости загрузки, возможно только в Quantum Break
    разница была.

  17. Sorry for language mistakes. Evo 860 250 gb have TBW = 150 TB , crucial bx500 TBW=80 TB. Evo is almost twice as durable than Crucial. Speed is comparable but not endurance. Another factor is price. For disc lower then 500 GB evo is much more expensive than Crucial but in Poland i can find evo 1TB for 509 PLN (bx500 960GB cost 468 PLN ). For me if i want to buy 1tb ssd disc i would chose Samsung evo. In addition i trust Samsung Company much more than Crucial. I have old tablet SAmsung GAlaxy note pro 12.2 i use it to taking handwriten notes (stylus) this tablet is great and i feel that i have very premium solid tablet not typical crap. I cant say why but i like this equipment. This equipment has soul (im not a SAmsung fanatic like Apple guys). Not everything can be put in numbers.

  18. so im a idiot right, the 500 looks better to me,,, but why is there such a huge difference in the usage of gpu and cpu???

  19. За видео спасибо, но показания теста крайне странные. Почему на BX настольно выше ФПС? условия не одинаковые?


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