Shock Your Friends // Electrified Hot Potato


Add an electrifying twist to your game of hot potato with Shock Ball!

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Literally amp up your party games with a jolt of excitement, and start passing the Shock Ball.

When turned on, this futuristic-looking orb emits mild electric shocks every 10 to 30 seconds. Pass the ball back and forth like a hot potato, hoping you’re not the one stuck feeling the juice. While not painful, the zap can be enough to startle you into dropping the ball, eliminating you from the game.

The threat of a jolt adds an exciting nervous energy to the game that makes Shock Ball fun and thrilling in any location.



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  1. This video has been up for 20 minutes, and we don't see any comments about Joey's character. Now that is shocking. PUN CITY!

  2. When I saw Joey's character I'm not gonna lie I wondered what it would happen if you shoved it up someone's butt.

    Ferb I know what we're gonna do today

  3. If I got this I would be like “OH NO! ITS A BOMB!” And randomly throw it to someone as they frantically don’t know what to do


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