So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 6: Character Animation


In this video, animators discuss the goals for character animation in a game. They explain how you should think about animation as a series of poses over time. That means an animation is really only as good as its poses. Learn what makes a strong pose, as well as some of the basics of timing and spacing—the keys to believable, satisfying movement.

There’s also a huge technical component to animation when it comes to implementation in games. The animators give an overview of state machines and parametric blending, explaining how different animations work together and overlap, reacting to whatever is happening to and around a character at any given time in a game.

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  1. Imagine walking into an animation office and people are constantly acting out random motions and then suddenly stop and sit down

  2. But I only have one question if some character punch another character in a face can I make the other character simulat realistic movement automatically
    Like using reg doll or something


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