Splat! – The Bug Squishin' Race Game – Squish-It Dough – Milton Bradley Family Game


Splat – The Bug Squishin’ Race Game – Squish-It Dough – Milton Bradley Game – This vintage game is from 1990 and was a lot of fun to learn about and play on video. It is fast paced and there are a lot of twists with the smashing of your bugs. We played this game later and at one point we had at least 6 squished bugs on the board. That helped advance players faster through the game board. This is definitely staying in my collection.

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Splat – The Bug Squishin’ Race Game – Squish-It Dough – Milton Bradley Family Game #4108 – 1990

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  1. I remember Cinemassacre's Board James having an episode on this game. It was funny so seeing another favorite youtuber of mine play this is awesome.

  2. I found this and Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur at Goodwill today! Thought of you guys. Good deal too. Only $1.99 per game.

  3. This was my favorite game as a kid! Best board game ever…. They should really being this game back to the market!

  4. "Hey, Has Everybody Heard About This New Game Called Splat? Uh, I Hate It When That Happens" – Splat Commercial, 1990

  5. I just realized that on the front box cover art, the bug in the background's guts have just splattered everywhere with his eyes open and dead!
    So we're basically looking at a creature who's been messily mutilated and killed as the other flies look back at the carnage of one of their own species as they try to escape! Hilarious! Best box art ever!
    I 💜 the '90s!!


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