The Cheesy Pizza Puzzle!!


Pizza Puzzles! Pizza Puzzles! A Jigsaw puzzle with multiplayer capabilities. How that works? Check it out now! Now live on Kickstarter! 🙂

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  1. I'm wondering why the box shows "Meat Lover's", surely it's just plural, meaning it's for "Meat Lovers"? Unless it's claiming to be a "Meat Lover's" puzzle, in which case would be correct!

  2. Mr puzzle! Please do a video on the veggie pizza 😂 speaking of pizza 😶 I'm going to have a pizza for dinner 😂😋

  3. For some reason, felt like I was watching Mr Beard eating section! I think he would take the veggie challenge (eyes shut🙈)
    Tough turf on the pizza puzzle Mr Puzzle 👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Yes, do the veggie supreme, but don't split it up slice by slice, do it as one big puzzle without looking at the backs of the pieces. Could you imagine‽

  5. I just got an incredible idea. Do a puzzle with a figure that has a easy "troll" picture, like the pizza with disgusting toppings for example, and a harder second solution that creates the correct picture! It would take a good artist to create a good art that can be rearranged into to displays, but once that is done, creating the puzzle around it should be easy. Someone kickstart this!

  6. with those markings at the back, that is way too easy (jigsaw puzzle geek here) you took way longer with it than I expected 😀 though a bit of practice can decrease this time by a lot for other jigsaw puzzles

  7. This reminds me of another multi-player games that deals with racing thru.solving a puzzle as part of its game mechanism named 'Situation 4' and 'Situation 7'. 'Situation 4' is part puzzle racing and part war and part exploration game. 'Situation 7' is again puzzle racing but this time is themed to space exploration and space battle. Both unfortunately are out-of-print but could find a copy of one or the other on EBay at times and you should find more info about these two game an a site called Would be interesting to see you doing a video of one on here one day 🙂

  8. I would. Love to see a time comparison by assembling the veggie one picture side up only not using the markers on the back see if it's quicker or slower easier or much much harder

  9. This puzzle is easy. Nothing like the giraffe puzzle where you had to bring in a specialist to complete it. OOPS. Didn't read the latest post.

  10. Finally! I've been making these puzzles the hard way for years. You have no idea how much of a pain it is to clean cheese out of a bandsaw.

  11. I'd like to see the veggie. Want to see how much faster you can get it done.
    Also considering it as a gift for a friend who doesn't eat meat.


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