The Second World War: The Fighter Aces


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An unbiased account of the top German Fighter Aces of the Second World War. Through exclusive interviews with the surviving few, this film portrays the exploits and achievements of such great Pilots as Adolf Galland, Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Erich Hartmann, Emil Lang and Hans Joachim Marseille.

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  1. These talented brave men unfortunately under the leadership of a madman.At the same time they fought for the real Germany.

  2. Surely, this docco is too good to get lost amongst lower quality click-bait?
    May I humbly suggest an item like this should be entitled more appropriately, say: 'World War 2: Fighter Pilot Aces of the German Luftwaffe"?

  3. If he had been in charged of the luftwaffe instead of that fat drug addict he would of won the battle of Germany and England would of surrendered a very brilliant ace RIP

  4. Who else thinks it is time for a great movie guy to come forward and show us the unbelievable stories of Top Luftwaffe aces? I want to see Egon Mayer intercept Robert S. Johnson and salute him after failing to make the kill. I want to see Walter Oessau, taking to the skies despite been sick and fighting off an entire squad of US fighter before they kill him during an emergency landing. You could dedicate an entire movie to any of Gunther Rall, Joseph Priller, Hans Joachim Marseille, Adolf Galland, Erich Hartmann, and perhaps less likely Hans Ulrich Rudel. Could be done so much better than Midway

  5. Man there was tons of terror aces in the Nazi Air Force. I’m glad the Americans built F-22 raptors to counter future terror jets like a jet fighter that will threaten to take over the skies and challenge the allies in the air. Also the Nazi Air Force is a terrorist Air Force due to their Me-262s beat all the allied aircraft in the skies by speed.

  6. Revionist nonsense. German fighters terrorised the people of Poland , Netherlands and France. Blitzkrieg was an appalling precursor of the greatest murderous war that humankind has experienced.
    No one doubts the bravery of Galland and his fellow pilots. The British squanderd their early lead in jet propulsion and evidence shows that much of the German jet advances were due in part to Whittle's designs were in the public . .domain ME 272 engines were notoroiusly unreliable and had a very short life , hampered with shortage of strategic metals and proper testing .
    All these' victories 'were the death and injury of allied pilots including brave women Soviet pilots..
    Hartman's view of the DH Mosquito? Thank goodness that the bravery of the German pilots was in vain.

  7. Consider the life of a German Luftwaffe fighter pilot in WW2. While Americans trained stateside, in combat free zones, they looked forward to engaging in combat for a prescribed period of time. After thirty to fifty missions depending on the phase of the war, an American could look forward to coming home and perhaps finishing the war as an instructor in Texas. For the german, not so. He was in for the long haul. He flew until he was shot down and killed, taken prisoner or injured to the point where he could no longer fly. Some german pilots returned to the cockpit after horrendous injuries, being extensively burned or even suffering the loss of both legs in crashes. To say they were dedicated is an understatement.

  8. Hey guys my comment has nothing to do with the video but about the commercial that shown before it there's something called free book where some guy is saying work from home you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars blah blah blah I signed up for this program they ended up charging me money and I never got a kit its a scam don't do it

  9. Nathan Bedford Forrest said it best: "He who gets there the Firstest with the Mostest Wins!" We did and they lost.

  10. Bull shit, waging a brutal attack, is not honorable, its murder. The allies were defending countries not aggresively attacking nations and starving it's people to death. All of Germany is to blame, including the pilots period..

  11. Poor Galland ….not up to speed with the Stategic situation.
    Even if the Me 262 was used as a fighter to stop the US Airforce they would have still lost the war.
    The bigger threat, especially after 1943 was the Red Army heading towards Berlin.
    Which is why Hitler was concerned about having a ground attack bomber.
    A few Me 262 s could not be used in a ground attack role because it was planes like the IL-2 Shturmovik that proved to be the crucial support in a combined armed offensive.
    Galland also neglects to mention that it was the I16 – that was the first plane to introduced the mono-wing, cantilever, retractable undercarriage and metal skin
    & Equipped with RS 82 air to ground rockets …a first ….. and when the I16 was introduced was the fastest fighter in the world untill the Me109 was introduced over Spain.
    Let's not give credit to the untermenchen even if its decades after WW2.
    The Allies like to use Nazis that were suck ups to the Allies and had the same racial bias….and inflate the Allied role in WW2..

  12. I salute the luftwaffe’s courage, determination, innovation, etc.
    But I don’t buy for an instant that they didn’t know what they were fighting for.
    That’s just not true.
    We’ve all got an obligation to do what’s right, not just what’s convenient or expedient.
    We in the US are still trying to figure out how that works, and, unfortunately, we all too often have far more fails, or losses (Ls) than wins.

  13. It is ridiculous to praise soldiers that participated a war they started. There was nothing heroic in their war of aggression.

  14. These films are informative and do a service. However, the praise for German pilots who served the Nazi regime is unacceptable. This facet is definitely part of their “professionalism”. Have the script writers forgotten that they were part of a racist genocidal regime? Do the producers of these films secretly – or not so secretly – support the nazis?
    Next , they may be commending the dedication and professionalism of the producers of Cyclone B and the efficient and professional manner in which it was piped into the gas chambers!

  15. I give up. 3.5 minutes of gushing admiration from the 'narrator' is enough. These German airmen were part of Hitler's genocidal military apparatus and the "they were just doing their job" isn't good enough, nor is an emphasis on their courage and skill. The SS fighting divisions were also very courageous; perhaps we should also overlook the atrocities they committed.

  16. All those wonderful German aces massing huge scores against the Russians. They remind me of Buffalo Bill and the other Bison hunters. Get amid the herd and you could pick them off one by one. None of them managed to do it against the west, those who tried ended up dead.

  17. When you look at the ME.262 you can see where he idea for both the US's F-86 Sabre and the Super-Sabre , and the Russian
    MiG.15 and MiG.17 just cut of the nose take off the engine from the ME.262s wings and out a bigger engine in the fussalage and its more or less the same.

  18. Hans Joachim Marseille would drive out to an aircraft he had shot down if the pilot had died and recover any dog tags etc. He would then over fly the the enemy airfield and drop the recovered items by hand with a note of the downed pilots location, so that even his adversary could be recovered with honour. A lot of the Luftwaffe aces gained many kills against outdated equipment in the East, not Marseille. He is the highest scoring ace in the west 158 enemies downed. He died aged 22 bailing out of his 109 with engine failure.

  19. It is our responsibility to stop arrogance in leadership to imagine a real solution based on science, humanity, and the environment. These guys we're not the problem and weren't the solution to any problem. They, like us, were immersed in a completely competitive mindset where war, force, and brutality are fundamental ingredients in controlling the planet.

  20. The introduction to this documentary attempts to remove those who flew for Germany during WWII from the larger context of what and who they were fighting for. This type of revisionist framing is, in my opinion, a dangerous and disingenuous practice. These men were a part of one of the most horrific and twisted regimes in history, fueled by a view of racial superiority and a pursuit of ethnic cleansing. To paint them as just "fighting men doing their duty" is an affront to the lives lost by those who defeated them. I find the whole concept revolting.

  21. Those who went to Kill, rob, rape and pillage must be condemned or the crimes will be repeated .
    Eternal contempt for Nazis

  22. A lot of there kills were from shooting old planes from smaller countries etc . These guys help kill millions of civilians and put the world in turmoil.

  23. After watching this movie you may think Luftwaffe pilots were descent, brave and highly moral soldiers with patriotic virtues.
    They use to attack hospitals, shooting and booming train transports with red cross'es on the roof and civilian caravans escaping cities from the Nazi atrocities.

  24. No doubt Goering's drug
    Addiction played a heavy part in his endless blaming of the pilots for his own inadequacies


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