The Unfulfilled Potential of Minecraft – Assuming a Different Perspective


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Video essay that uses frame analysis to examine the player’s relation to Minecraft’s virtual environment, and to explore how the game design would be different if that relation were changed.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed this new video. I know I generally don't offer analyses that focus on what isn't there instead of what is, but as stated in the video, I really do love this game and I thought it would be a fun way to talk about frame analysis, which is a pretty useful tool regardless of what you apply it to.

  2. I hate explosion holes in the ground and floating trees and missing sand I took to make windows. But seeing the way Minecraft is coded with block updates and stuff, and the fact that it already doesn't even run that well on a semi-decent computer, I can see why most of these changes are not in the game.

  3. This would actually make me love the game more and the way it is framed reminds me of Sid Meier's CIV where you can win through multiple ways and if the game implements that then it would be a great thing to see

  4. i wonder how much energy and pollution was both used and created respectively for this video to be made an uploaded to a server somewhere :

  5. Good idea but too much to deal with for one player. But one or two of your environmental interactions would be cool. Like the water or lack of, having an affect.

  6. Man, what it would be like to play Minecraft for the first time again! I started playing when the game was still in beta, and I still hop on from time to time. I hardly mess with any of the newer stuff. I just like to build my simple towns and chill. Excellent video as always! Stay well out there everybody, and Jesus Christ be with you friends.😊

  7. I searched for "sustainable Minecraft" cause I was so fed up with the destruction of landscape. Ended up learning about framing and its layers. So good!

    Continuing the conversation, don't you think that telling the story of development as "we stopped being gatherers and hunters then became agricultural societies which then led to industrialization and global warming" is also a frame? I kept thinking about how the indigenous people became agricultural societies but always did it in a sustainable way. If we shift the perspective from the european/western/white center, enjoying the Earth's resources doesn't consequentially lead to it's destruction.

  8. This video was my primary inspiration to learn Minecraft modding and build the mod: Water Erosion. The section starting at 12:22 “As of now, Minecraft presents a seemingly natural world, but no real nature" presents one of the few existing dynamic processes: dirt becoming grass. The world is so static! A single dirt block is broken at 12:42 and the water streams down the hill. I couldn't get over the idea of one static block holding back a lake forever, let alone grass and dirt withstanding the flow over time. A meter of dirt would not hold back that volume of water in the real world. Water would carve stream down the hill and fill a pond at the bottom. The natural process of erosion was missing!

    Much more work is needed to resolve all unfulfilled potential in Minecraft, but I’ve enjoyed creating this piece. There are videos of the mod on my channel and releases for 1.12->1.16 on Curseforge. Thank You for this!

  9. This is an amazing, beautiful critique of Minecraft. Pairs really well with Whitelight's series of videos on the flaws of the game.

  10. Thaumcraft's flux system does this really well. If you pollute an area too much when you're doing magic, in that mod, magical monster would come and attack you.


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