Theme of the Week #15 – Ender's Game (Main Theme)


Track Title: Ender’s Game Main Theme
Movie: Ender’s Game
Composer(s): Steve Jablonsky
Theme of the Week: November 5, 2013

Steve Jablonsky, best known for his “Transformers” scores, kept his larger-than-life sound for “Ender’s Game”, but also took the time to develop a stronger tie with string solos for the film.

He claimed that “Ender’s Game” is, “big but also very personal.” Because of this he would use an 80 piece orchestra and 32 member choir for some scenes, while in other scenes he would use a simple solo instrument.

The main theme exemplifies both approaches, often carrying the motif with strings, but rounding out with a much bigger sound.


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  1. Really.. a sequel to this wonderfull movie, could be a great mystery, scifi masterpiece. A great development for the character as a grown up… with deep explorations of meaning of life and adventures…

  2. ネタバレあり


  3. Loved the book, but its such a shame that the author is such an idiot I find it bizarre because he wrote a book about an outsider who is bullied by their peers but comes through in the end, but he is against gays? Weird…. I would have thought this kind of story would be very encouraging for a gay kid.


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