TNT Dragon Killer (Semi-Auto) – Legacy SMP #7 (Multiplayer Let's Play) | Minecraft 1.15


It’s time to take to the skies and finally gain our wings. To to that we will fight the dragon as it drops Elytra thanks to a datapack we have installed. We’ll try our hand at automating it with redstone and TNT… what could go wrong?!

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  1. He breaks Minecraft all the time and I mean it in a good and bad way the good way is he exploits the bad way is he could get banned and he AUTOMATES EVERYTHING and also COBBLESTONE IS LIFE yeah…. He spread his addiction with cobblestone and he talks about feet it's discusting but funny

  2. Hey just to let you know that ssundee watches your videos and some videos of his is possible by you so I put all reputation to you because ssundee is stupid and he plays modded Minecraft and play Fortnite also check him out he's a great guy and he's funny and this comment is not sponsored

  3. I was trying to make a perimeter with your data pack, but it says the command was removed, how can I perform the same command .

  4. Pls logical bring the perimeter clear function back
    Like this comment to make logical add the perimeter clear function back.

  5. @Logic: I believe Sausage is still looking for a trident. Maybe you can give it to him and rename it as some sort of scepter and give him a title, as Nagelfar said.

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun designing this system! TNT duppers are such effective tools :-] Thanks for the shout out!

  7. A beacon would make a great gift if you have one to spare ! Very good video as always and interesting idea. Much love from France Logic <3
    edit : i saw the suggestion for a trident with the loyalty enchantment, that would be so funny X)

  8. Is it possible to push the endcriristal ontop of the tower out of range of thd dragon via pistons and afterwards after the dragon was killed to push the cristals on the endportal so the dragon will be automacticly respawend


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