Top Ten Characters that Fight with Umbrellas (or Parasols)


Let’s cover one of the weirder weapons in fiction: the Umbrella (or parasol). While these items can guard us from nature’s wrath, a plethora of fictional settings found great use for these household tools as useful instruments in battle. So this video will cover the characters that wield the umbrella or parasol with power and grace. A.T. from SoftwareAgentsCorp joins me in the video.

Footage also captured by SoftwareAgentsCorp, with additional footage provided by Danny Bereza, Cedric Donovan and Paul A Marcel. Video edited by MrTopTenList and A.T. Gonzalez, with additional editing by R Michelle Marcel and Danny Bereza.

SoftwareAgentsCorp’s Channel:

Songs used:
Osaka Rain by ALBIS
Cabana Havana by Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
Big Cars by Silent Partner


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  1. Lets be honest parasoul from skullgirls should be number 1 cuz everything about her is fit for it and is amazing period.


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