Touhou 東方天華楼 ~ Frantically Forbidden Fruit – Lunatic 1CC Full Game – Yuuka + [ Download link ]


Hello !
I just come back after a long time and I see that Gore has just released his full version of FFF.

The paradise mode is the mode which use the fruit system.
It is way easier than legacy mode but I would like to use it since it is the proper mechanic to this game.
Moreover, you don’t directly loose your life if you get hit. but you have a life gauge.
Useless to say : To clear this game is not a hard task.
Using the ” borders ” is the key for ressources and scoring but I didn’t want to spam it as hell.
Though, the mechanic still give you a crazy amount of ressources.
The game is a more fair than PoIB and it’s a great thing : Some spells ” die now ” but much less. A lot of colors and fancy effects like I love. So, I hope your CPU is prepared ~

Extra stage should come soon ~
Edit : Here it is !

Scripter : Gore

Download link :
My scores and achievements :

Another way to be informed when I post a video or I have something to say :

See you next time ~


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  1. I downloaded the game because you made me want to play it but the screen keeps blinking no matter what I do 🙁 Any suggestion ?

  2. Even though this game has most of OST reused from original games I still love it. Also Spell Cards look amazing

  3. The damage numbers would scare some people how much it jumps up in stage 1 enemy's do 36 DMG then you run into the mid boss who deals 100 DMG that's all of your HP (guess you have a form of moxie if your still alive) then stage 2 introduces you to instant death lazers

  4. 20:22 I've heard this music before! It's from this video link:

    entitled 東方風神録風「故郷の星が映る海」

  5. I'm still in awe everytime I see the final Ringo.

    I don't care if the game is good or bad, but I just know the devs had lots of fun making that one boss.


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