Turbocharge your SSD for $40??


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Are Intel’s new Optane caching drives a worthwhile purchase if you already have an SSD?

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  1. Actually, looking back at this, this is exactly what Intel Optane H10 is:
    Small Optane 3D Xpoint memory paired with "slow" QLC NAND memory

  2. It's funny how almost all of the negative comments about Optane are from people who have NEVER used it. And, of the ones who have, they almost all seem to love it.

  3. Thanks for the video Linus & team. I am planning to build a new system and I was really wondering if it is worth installing Optane Memory to supplement my SSD, clearly it's not worth it. I'll just buy more RAM.

  4. March 2020, my friend bought an HP laptop with 16gb Optane memory and an SSD both in it. My friend says his laptop is fast and I believe him. But I don't know if Optane contributes to the speed of the computer unless the SSD is slower than the Optane.

  5. Fast forward to 2020, HP offers 32gb optane in their Spectre x360 2-in-1, w 8GB OF RAM, SOLDERED, with a 256 or 512GB M.2!?!!? WHYYYYY!?

    Edit: won't a soldered on optane guarantee the 2-in-1 will need to be fully replaced sooner than if they excluded it (since the m.2 is replaceable)? Maybe that's why… I'm about to return this POS and convince my boss the extra $400 expense will pay for itself… Which would work if he weren't having me replace an entire laptop when all it needs is a fresh windows reinstall… 😡🤯😭

  6. A good SSD and plenty of ram is much better then this nonsense. This whole optane-cache thing is just convoluted marketing nonsense.

  7. Good job, Intel. Another utterly fucking useless technology. Anybody with any sense will just buy a Kingston, Samsung or Crucial SSD in the 120-250GB range and use it as a boot drive. Optane would be a bit more useful if it worked on drives other than the primary boot drive, as I (as well as many others) use high capacity HDDs for mass storage of video games, high resolution video files etc. in conjunction with an SSD.

  8. Great that Intel keeps innovating like Sony did with Minidisc and ATRAC. It is obvious they wanna keep a grip on consumers buying only Intel hardware. I would like to use Optane cache in some scaled form on BayTrail or CherryTrail CPU's with eMMC SSD's. It's like having the option to stick a NVME drive into a Windows 10 tablet, skyrocketing its performance at a TDP of 2-5 watts. Why didn't they do that?

  9. Much better would be to download PrimoCache, which is a RAM cache program that uses RAM to speed up your SSD, and can also use a smaller SSD to cache a hard drive. The RAM cache speeds up any SSD or hard drive dramatically, and if you happen to have a smaller SSD laying around, say 120GB, that you have replaced with a larger SSD, then the small SSD can be used as "level two" cache for a hard drive. PrimoCache can be downloaded for free and has a 30 day test period after which it costs $23-30 per copy, depending on how many copies you buy. I don't work for them, I just love the program. It's free to try, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

  10. Why are so many of the 2019 budget laptops running SSDs along side Optane? I'm so confused. I'm probably going to rip this 32GB Optane out and slam like a 512GB SSD in it or something. This is a budget laptop for a friend of mine and I'm sure the extra storage will be appreciated.

  11. I would love to see this tested with the largest base model Barracuda or WD Blue like this vs that WD Black or WD Gold. Also, I'd love to see an SSD cache vs the Optane cache.

  12. IMO the age of HDD's is over. You can get a 2 TB NVME drive for 200 euros in Finland. Something like 150 bucks in the US I'd assume. Instead of spending 80 bucks on HDD and another 40 on an Optane module, why not go for broke and just get a NVME or an M.2 SATA drive?

  13. Did it run the manly way that Queen-Bee Mike Pence expected the octane memory to run? Mike Pence is a silly big boy. He is very manly.5:55

  14. I have an intel optane 16GB and a 1TB hdd and i want i'd like to get a suggestion … should i replace my intel optane with SSD m.2 and keep my hdd or should i replace my hdd with SSD and keep my intel optane ?


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