Two Nail Puzzle | English | Simple Puzzle


In this puzzle there are two similar nails of a special shape. The nails are bent in the middle to make a loop such that the start and end of the nails are at right angles. Here you can see two long nails bent into a loop in the middle.
Once the nails are interlocked it might be difficult to separate them. Even after trying hard you may not succeed. But after a lot of struggle you might finally be able to take them apart. What is the trick? How to interlock them?
Well place the pointed end of each nail in the loop of the other. Slide them in and twist them. Simple, isn’t it. Now the two nails are interlocked. And now see the simple trick to separate them. This work was supported by IUCAA and Tata Trust. This film was made by Ashok Rupner TATA Trust: Education is one of the key focus areas for Tata Trusts, aiming towards enabling access of quality education to the underprivileged population in India. To facilitate quality in teaching and learning of Science education through workshops, capacity building and resource creation, Tata Trusts have been supporting Muktangan Vigyan Shodhika (MVS), IUCAA’s Children’s Science Centre, since inception. To know more about other initiatives of Tata Trusts, please visit


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  3. गुरुजी आपका कार्य बहुत खूबसूरत है।

  4. i had to do this as a punishment for being late to clas but i hope i have these sized nails tho thanks hope it works 🙂

  5. sir this is MAHATHMA AKKINENI
    In my 1,2,3,4 and 5 class i was studying in GVD school (GAUTAMI VIDHYA DHAMAM) in hyderbad , sr nagar
    They use to show small tricks from your tricks , they use to download the videos and showed us like 220 films (they use to tell us like they only created) after a long time (3 years) i am watching your tricks


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