Upgrade to M.2 SSD on ANY Desktop PC. PCIe 4x Adapter install and Testing, Samsung 970 Evo


This is why you need to use M.2 SSD drive; Speed Test with PCIE 4X Adapter installation guide.
Adapter + SSD Combo (affiliate) , *click here*
Vantec M.2 NVMe + PCIe x4 Adapter (affiliate)
970 EVO M.2 250GB SSD (affiliate)
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My Setup:

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  1. I have 3 PCI-E Slots, a Msi Gaming 5 Z97 Motherboard and 3 Graphics card slots aswell, will this work on that exact motherboard? Its the top DDR3 Motherboard ever made.

  2. If a motherboard without an M.2 slot will be able to boot from the M.2 Drive connected thru PCIE adapter? My motherboard is MSI970 Gaming, which does not sport an M.2 slot onboard. Will I be able to boot from an M.2 Drive connected thru PCIE adapter? Please be clear and describe how to boot from an M.2 Drive connected thru the PCIE slot in a motherboard without an onboard M.2 slot.

  3. Hello, I'm from the Philippines. I'm fascinated on your installation review. I am also planning to make that upgrade sooner if I will have enough budget.

    How can I identify PCIE Slot x4, on which you install the adapter on your video? Is it written indicated on the motherboard?

  4. Isn't that white port a standard pci?
    What's the

    visible difference between pcie x4 and pci?
    Will this adapter work with Optiplex 780?

  5. Hello COBUMAN i've been trying to get answers from Samsung, but its been very difficult. They can live chat only andf have very little answers for any questions. I understand that my "Samsung Notebook 900X5J-K01" only has 2 cores, 8gb ddr3 i7 7500u gen 7 came with 256gb ssd sata3, So I bought the "970 EVO 1tb" and replaced the boot. I copied Windows 10 and and installed it along with videos from my cell phone. Right now it still has 833 gbs free after putting some videos and photos and stuff on it, but I used the Samsung Magician to run a Sequential Benchmark its says in the 1700 read 1700 write and I thought that is not really what I should expect. The random says 2600's read 1700's write. Then also I was wondering why I cant run a diagnostic on this SSD when it's all Samsung now. Would it have been much better fir me to get the 970 EVO Pro, this motherboard slowing things down? I purchased this computer thinking it was thin, sleek and fairly new but its not the Pro. I dont know if I can add better graphics probably not. The ram is soldered to the board so that isnt able to be upgraded either. its strange that I have a Samsung 64gb EVOU3 microSD in the slot and it can only tell me that it has 59 gbs, nothing else some magician. I'm about to add that old SSD into a caddy of some sort, so i can have the 256/233gbs extra SSD how can it be best optimized with is laptop?

  6. However, some old MB were not supported NVME ssd. But it can be fixed by CLOVER, just add a FILE called <NvmExpressDxe.efi> to EFI>CLOVER>drivers>UEFI & BIOS ,then it works!


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