WD Green M.2 M2 SATA III SSD 120GB [WDS120G1G0B] | Unboxing | Speed Test | Benchmarks


Hello friends!
Back with another unboxing video after a long time as I am busy these days.
This is the video for Unboxing, Speed Test and Bench-marking of WD Green M.2 SSD. Do note that this is not NVMe SSD as they are more expensive than this. This SSD is equivalent to normal SATA SSD but this provide somewhat more read/write speed than normal SSD. Watch the video until end to checkout the User Benchmark score.

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Hope you find this video useful.

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  1. I have that m.2 SSD and I did not use it. It have only 15mb/s speed and programs like adobe not working. Don't buy this SSD and wdgreen tools and save the our planet from wd green.

  2. even if u have m.2 your pc boot is so slow sir.. 20 seconds? that is my normal boot-up of my pc and i am only using normal hdd seagate 2tb and take note my hardrive is almost full only 40gb free space bcoz i have a lot of games and files..

  3. this is the exact same model of motherboard i have and ssd also, but my os didnt read my ssd and the boot screen like you had. how to fix it?

  4. I bought the 240gb version and is not detected by my mobo , o installed the ssd m.2 on nvme 2280 slot and nothing , do you have a fix , i have the old bios blue :))

  5. bro i am bought the same ssd 240 gb varient. and i am seeing the se boot screen like you had at boot tine it show 2 different window, and i have to pick one .. how did you fix it.

  6. I also set the same ssd but i cant run it…plz tell me how can i run it? motherboard gigabyte b360 gaming aorus 3…


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