We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..


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We found a manufacturer called Kingspec on Ali Express, and decided to give one of their SSD’s a shot. Here’s what happened.

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  1. This money "dolar" and what makes things in our country expensive (BRAZIL) BOYCOTT MADE IN EUA !!!

  2. I install Kingspec ssd 1TB in my PS4 Pro….I can tell you that the games loads blazingly fast. This Kingspec ssd is probably design to be use in a gaming console rather than a windows PC. I guess…

  3. 4:42 This is when not having a DRAM cache can hurt you.
    What happen if there is a blackout while the data is still in the cache and not yet in the flash media? Would the computer recognize the operation was not successful?

  4. 1:55 We've found some conflicting information.
    Title: We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..
    Details: Buy KingSpec 512GB on Amazon

  5. I looking right for such cheaper ssd but when you start with the chat they are new firm and starters and maybe unknown, but then you must say that exctly to samsung and co to in their beginnings or?! But know im terrible want to know what you are saying about that price bombs.

  6. i have both a 512 gb m.2 with a case and a 1 tb 2.5" and it works fine. been using it for a year and no issues.

  7. Some guys bought Kingspec Ssd and It works better than SanDisk. I think you bought a fake Kingspec or maybe you are paid by others to do these kind of videos. Or saying bad things about chinese products just gives you more views. https://youtu.be/mX_RiYXCZvI

  8. US$192 2Tb Asseno SATA SSD, $30 240gb: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000083763387.html

    Change the currency at the top. The SSD appears to have SDRAM, the only budget SSD to have it. From thousands of online user reviews it appears to be a reliable ssd. 6% of SSDs fail in the first few years, whatever
    the make. It has copper screw holes.

  9. I have one, it works really well, beside it can have some but number in your screen Linus, comparing to my Samsung SSD computer, i really dont see a reeaaal diference.


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