What is NAND Flash? MLC vs. TLC, 3D NAND, & More


This video explores an old topic of ours and discusses NAND Flash for SSDs. We talk SLC, MLC, and TLC NAND, discuss which is “best” (and if there is a “best”), and talk about how NAND/SSDs work. Read more in our SSD architecture post here:

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  1. but what does NAND even stand for? i mean i know i can google it for 3 seconds, but it would make sense to talk about it if you're….talking about it

  2. I watched this video for 3D NAND. I am unable to get it.
    I rarely dislikes any video but I am giving it a thumb down.

  3. Would be cool to see some of the budget brand SSDs benchmarked. I know it's all somewhat relative, but it seems like there is a new brand of SSD every week, and sometimes it's hard to tell which brands use which controllers and who makes their memory chips… idk it's just a thought .

  4. Dude! I'm a septuagenarian and actually understood what you were talking about! Very well presented! Thanks! I owe you a beer!

  5. TLC 3D Nand ≥ MLC longevity
    "3D NAND uses a larger cell size than the most recent planar NAND flash generations. With this larger cell size, the number of electrons per bit of data in TLC 3D NAND is the same or better than the latest nodes of MLC 2D NAND, so the endurance and data retention is roughly equivalent. TLC 3D NAND has demonstrated more than 10,000 program/erase cycles with robustness suitable for many applications. "
    – https://www.micron.com/about/blog/2019/february/tlc-3d-nand-flash-for-high-performance-cost-effective-automotive-solutions

  6. Excellent video and explanation with the aid of your animation which really helps to understand this topic. Great job!

  7. Why are in the cell animation 8 flickering squares when you've got to have only two of them to express one of the 4 possible values in MLC?

  8. You didn't talk about what was advertised, and I hate wasting my time so although the parts that you DID talk about were nicely illustrated, thumbs-down.

  9. Thid video was freaking phenomenal. Great explaination and i took screenshots of all the pictures in the animation. Greatly helped with my overall understanding of the topic. Got me as a subscriber now. Thanks again bro

  10. Hi, my m.2 SSD is TLC DDR. Unfortunately my laptop only has AHCI SATA not PCIe I would have liked, 3D NAND is the big thing so is even 2D NAND or DRAM out performs DDR? LPDR?

  11. Yours is THE most useful video I have seen as a primer to anyone thinking about buying a SSD – Thanks so much for providing useful information. Great that you haven't inserted nasty and useless music in the background;)

  12. Did I miss the part where you discuss 3D NAND and more?   I came to see what 3D NAND was and how it compared to MLC.  Looking to buy a cheap  SSD, but wanted to educate myself on it a bit.

  13. In terms of longevity, which would be better: 128GB MLC or 120GB 3D NAND TLC? I'm looking to buy an M.2 2242 SSD. Both are from the same company, but the 3D NAND model is newer.

  14. What happens if a cell gets worn out in an SSD?
    Is the data lost or it's moved to a healthy cell ? (assuming the cell becomes read-only, not all dead.)
    Do SSDs verify cells after writing?
    Are they marked as `bad` by the OS or SSD controller, just like it's done in HDDs (bad sectors)?


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