Whispered ASMR Roleplay | Painting Your Face For Southern Football Game


Howdy y’all 🤠I hope you enjoy my whispered southern accent as I welcome you to our university’s tailgate by painting your face! Triggers include: drawing, face brushing and painting, hair clipping, assorted sounds, slight tapping, rummaging/clinking, and more! Give a big yee-haw if you got tingles!

Thank you to everyone who joined my livestream! I had a great time talking to you all, and I plan on doing another one in the near future 🙂

IMPORTANT: I do NOT have ads turned on for the middle of my videos. YouTube has been glitching majorly by placing unwanted ads on videos. Sometimes, there will be yellow ticks, but no ad will actually play. Please let me know if you’re experiencing any unexpected ad breaks, so I can prove my point to YouTube. I’m sorry that this is happening 🙁

Never stop growing!

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How old are you? I’m 19.
How can I support you? Just watch my videos and leave a thumbs up!
What do you use to film? I just use my iPhone XS and a Blue Yeti.


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  1. Thank you for this role play, it is nice to feel comforted and feel like you are my friend when I’m stuck in the house and can’t see my friends in real life.

  2. She looks like if asmr glow and this one girl from Instagram her names iconic something idk she does like kinda “turning myself in a vsco girl” stuff anyway she look like if they had a kid lol

  3. Do you have relatives from the south? Or are you southern but without much of an accent but can play it up? I'm from Memphis and don't have much of a southern accent but if I play into it I can really sound southern.

    Also, SEC football is the BEST. Hail State!

  4. Your whisper is very soft and it's really what I've been looking for to sleep too.
    Finding soft whispering is hard for me.
    I hope you can make "putting you to sleep" kind of videos soon! That would be great!
    Your whispering is amazing! 😊

  5. Hey, since u said to in your description, I’m just letting you know that an ad popped up and played at 13:55 for me

  6. I don’t usually comment on asmr videos but this one I had to. Your voice is so relaxing and this was the first time I got tingles in a long time. I also subscribed and it’s crazy that you only have 12K subs. I can tell you’ll gain subs very fast.


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