Wild Game Buffet

Wild Game Buffet by Frigid Forage is a clover based perennial blend with a 15% “nurse crop” of forage turnips, daikon radishes, and forage rape. These brassicas will act as protection for the young clover from overgrazing and at the same time providing additional forage for that season. As with all perennial blends you will see the best growth your second and 3rd year.

Frigid Forage has been feeding wildlife since 1987. We can proudly say we offer only high quality food plot blends that are 100% seed. No coatings, no fillers, just 100% premium seed in every bag. Not every wildlife seed company can make that claim, just look at the label.

Our mission at Frigid Forage has always been to offer high quality products along with practical advice. We strive to provide hunters and wildlife enthusiasts with the proper tools to get the job done right. Anyone who has planted food plots knows that the seed they buy is only the beginning and is really just a portion of the total cost of a successful plot. Seed, fertilizer, fuel, time, and equipment are all important factors in growing a successful food plot. So why risk your hard earned money and your hunting season on inferior seed?

Not all seeds are created equal. Look over our products and know you are buying some of the best food plot seed blends available anywhere. Happy Planting!

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