Wildgame Innovations feeder review "AFTER 3 YEARS" Best Value Under $100


Hey Guys,

I review a feeder by wildgame innovations that I have had for about 3 years. I go over the specs. the reliability and the functions of the feeder.

If there is anything you guys would like for me to review or something yall think I should try out definitely let me know.

Link for wildgame innovations feeder:
Wildgame innovations Solar panel:

•Durable, lightweight 30-gallon poly barrel – 225 lb. capacity
•Built-in funnel to reduce waste
•Heavy-duty, 12-piece, powder-coated leg kit
•Digital power control unit – choose up to 4 feedings a day
•Tough and durable galvanized steel spinner plate
•Runs on 6V battery (not included)

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this.
    My hunting buddy and I have bought 3 of these. Unfortunately they have all broken. We hunt pigs and they have figured out they can push it over and break the legs off. The last one worked for one day. $$$$
    We set 2 4×4's in the ground and now they are working fine.
    The weak point is the legs. They go up into the barrel and if there is enough movement they will break or push up through the barrel.

    That seems like the only weak point with this feeder.

    The batteries last quite a while, I'd say over a month at 4 times a day, before replacing and charging so get a extra one for each feeder.
    It has worked very well and the pigs now bed under it until the next timer goes off.
    Setting up the timer is a little confusing but after awhile you get use to it. I wish it had a couple of more times to set other than just 4.

    I like your solar setup but we have easy access to the feeders and they are working great.

    For the price this feeder is hard to beat. We are going to put the battery box/spreader from one of the plastic barrels on a metal barrel to see if it will hold up better and hold more feed.

    Thanks for your review and I might go the solar route. If you could list where you go the parts it would be helpful.



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