Windows Update Cannot Currently Check For Updates And Update Service Is Missing FIX


Here is the link for the Microsoft Fix it 50202.msi tool
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Last update 01/18/19
Windows Update Cannot Currently Check For Updates And Update Service Is Missing FIX
After much trial and error I finally found a fix that works.


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  1. Oh man, I respect you so much. You helped me. I hope you are happy in your life. I send you my regards from Iraq 💐🌸🌷🌹💐💐

  2. Hy bro there is a problem in my laptop , the laptop will come 102 of 162 and stop there plzz telll how to solve this issue

  3. Thanks so much@Richard Lloyd, I've had this problem since August 2019 and got so frustrated I just ignored but this solved my problem with absolutely no hassle! You just earned a subscriber sir!!!! 👍👍
    Now let's see if you can fix the other issues my old warrior laptop has lol 😎

  4. I tried almost everything there on Internet, nothing worked.
    Both BITS and Win UPDATE was missing from my service list.
    Kashpersky Free TDSSKILLER that's what fixed my PC.
    If nothing works your PC is 100% infected.

  5. Mine does show this problem but the weird part is I have the windows update file but I can't recieve update still

  6. Another no fix. Microsoft Fixit 50202 download just sits there and nothing happens. I've been trying to fix my updater for days now and you can understandably see i'm well pe'd off with so called fixes that don't.

  7. thanks for video but i can't find window update on PC management how should i do?? 🙁
    BITS still automatic, should i turn to manual??

  8. there is a pop up message showing “service ‘wuauserv’ [WUAUSERV] failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service” could you please help me sir, thank you


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