Y2 24) Oligopoly – Game Theory

Y2 24) Oligopoly – Game Theory. Full theory of oligopoly using game theory analysis

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18 thoughts on “Y2 24) Oligopoly – Game Theory

  1. Do yo have videos in examples of oligopoly? 🙄 😲 😄 If not, could you make one? Thank you very much for your info. Mekes my clases easier.

  2. Hi sir, could you please keep uploading the UK stats for 2019 and perhaps earlier 2020 (sitting for exam in May/June 2020) as it is very helpful for exams. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Dal love your videos so much it's the only thing that makes me think I'm not going to completely flop my economics exam, are you going to do a livestream before each exam again this year? Cheers

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